Pemaparan Jati Diri


  Materi Factual :

Materi Konseptual

Simple Present Tense


  • Pola kalimat dalam present tens (verba ) “S + Verb.1 (S/Es)”

              Positive             :             I/You/We/They + V1

                                                      He/She/It           + V1 + s/es


              Negative            :            I/You/We/They +  do not     + V1

                                                      He/She/It          +  does not + V1


              Interrogative   :           Do      +  I/You/We/They   + V1   ?

                                                   Does  +  He/She/It             +   V1  ?



Pola kalimat dalam present tense (nomina) “  S+ tobe + Not verb Keterangan waktu dalam present tense


Materi Prosedural

  • Greeting (Hello, let me introduce my self. Let me intruduce my self, I’d like to introduce myself” etc.)
  • Introducing (Informasi dalam memperkenalkan diri : name, address, age, hobby, family, school, etc.)
  • Parting (Ungkapan dalam mengakhiri memperkenalkan diri: ” That’s all about me.Thank you ”, etc.)

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