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3.3 Menerapkan fungsi sosial, struktur teks, dan unsur kebahasaan teks interaksi transaksional lisan dan tulis yang melibatkan tindakan memberi dan meminta informasi terkait niat melakukan suatu tindakan/kegiatan, sesuai dengan konteks penggunaannya. (Perhatikan unsur kebahasaan be going to, would like to)

4.3 menyusun teks interaksi transaksional lisan dan tulis pendek dan sederhana yang melibatkan tindakan memberi dan meminta informasi terkait niat melakukan suatu tindakan/kegiatan, dengan memperhatikan fungsi sosial, struktur teks, dan unsur kebahasaan yang benar dan sesuai konteks

Expressing Intention

Expressing intention is an expression that is used to state plans or something intended to do in the future.(Expressing intention adalah ekspresi yang digunakan untuk menyatakan rencana atau sesuatu yang ingin dilakukan di masa depan)

Social function : to state plans or something intended to do in the future.

I would like to ……

I will ……

I want to ……

I am going to ……

I would rather ……

Here are the examples of expressing intention:

I'm going to propose my girl friend tomorrow.

My mom and I are going to go shopping on Sunday.

I would rather stay at home than go shopping.

I will pick up you tonight.

I would like to join English Club next week


Perhatikan penjelasan lebih lanjut tentang expressing intention berikut ini!

* Asking Intention :

What are you going to do?

Any plan for the weekend?

Are you thinking of...?

Do you have any intention of...?

Is it your intention to...?

What are you going to do this weekend ?

What will you do tomorrow ?

Are you going to Bandung ?

Will you come to my house ?


* Expressing Intention 

We would like to...

He will...

She would rather...

My mother is going to...

I am going to...

I am planning to...

I will make an effort to...

I am thinking of...

I reckon I will...

I have every intention of...

I fully intended to...

She is going to cook a cake

We will go to Bali next years

The Moscow State Circus is going to be perform in Cheltenham next week

We will celebrate our anniversary by flying to New York next month

I would like to tell about my family

I will visit museum today

I want to make a pancake

I am going to introduce my friend

I would rather stay at home than go fishing


 Dialog 1

A: Could you buy me some meat and vegetables?

B: Sure. What are you going to do with them?

A: I’m planning to cook vegetables and meat stir fry

B: what is that for?

A: I want to give it to my mom. She really likes meat and vegetables. So, i intend to cook for her.

B: Wow, that’s cool. OK, i’ll buy them for you.

A: thanks a lot!


Dialog 2

A: Hey, B. What are you going to do this Sunday

B: Hey A. I’m going to visit my grandfather in Bandung. How about you?

A: Hmm, I still do not have a plan for this Sunday

B: Why don’t you go to the movie theater and watch some cool movies?

A: Well, actually that’s a good idea. But, i have to do my homework first. Have you done your homework?

B: Nope. i want to do my homework tonight.

A: Shall we do our homework together?

B: yeah sure, why not.

A: Okay, awesome! I will go to your house at 6 P.M. is that cool?

B: Yeah cool, see you soon.

A: see you!


Task 1 :

Study the following dialog and write the expression intention

Rani                 : Hi Ayu, How are you?

Ayu                  : I’m feeling great! Why? Because the school holiday is coming!

Rani                 : I know. So, what are you planning to spend your holiday?

Ayu                  : I will met my old friend at the Mall, I’ll be going to my hometown, and I plan to go to watch music concert. How about you Ran? What are you going to do?

Rani                 : Well, I intent to spend my holiday in Bali.

Ayu                  : That would be great!

(Putri comes and interrupts)

Putri                 : Hey guys. What are you talking about?

Rani                 : We’re talking about our plans for the holiday.

Putri                 : Plan?

Ayu                  : Yeah plan. Do you have any plan for the holiday?

Putri                 : I would go to Solo to visit my grandma.

Ayu                  : That’s good plan.

(The bell rings)

Rani                 : Let’s go to class.

Ayu, Putri        : Come on!


 Task 2

Read the dialogue and answer the question!

Tom : Do you have a plan for your holiday?

Vita : Yes,I do. I’m going to go to Bali. I’ve never been there.

Tom : What place are you going to visit?

Vita : Bedugul and Kuta beach. What about you?

Tom : I will go camping with my friends.

Vita : Tha’t a nice plan


Answer the question correctly

1. What’s Vita going to do in her holiday?

2.  Who will go camping?

3.  Why is Vita going to visit Bali?

4.  When will Tom go camping?

5.  Is Vita interested in Tom’s plan?

Grammar Review

 Rumus dalam Expressing Intentions

·         Subject + Would Like to + VI + …..

·         Subject +  will + VI + …..

·         Subject + is/am/are going to  + VI + …..

·         Subject + Would Rather + VI + …..

·         Subject + want to + V1 + ....

·         Subject + intend to + V1 + ....


We use will to talk about plans decided at the moment of speaking.

I forgot to phone my mum. I’ll do it after dinner. (He decides to phone his mum when he is speaking – he didn’t have a plan).

I can’t decide what to wear tonight. I know. I’ll wear my black dress.

There’s no milk in the fridge. I’ll buy some when I go to the shops.



We use going to to talk about plans decided before the moment of speaking.

I’m going to phone my mum after dinner. I told her I’d call at 8 o’clock. (He decided to phone his mum before he speaks – he already had a plan).

I’m going to wear my black dress tonight. I need to pick it up from the cleaners.

I know there’s no milk. I’m going to get some. It’s on my shopping list.


We can also use the present continuous to talk about future plans. We usually use it when the plan is an ‘arrangement’ – more than one person is involved and we know the time and place.

I’m meeting Jane at 8 o’clock on Saturday.

We’re having a party next Saturday. Would you like to come?

Are you doing anything interesting this weekend? We often use the present continuous to ask about people’s future plans.



A. Choose the correct answer by choosing a, b, c, d, or e

1. Andi: "I'm going to Japan for holiday next month."

Maya : ___________________

The correct responded expression for the above dialog is :

a. Congratulation

b. That's sound great!

c. No problem

d. Warm regards

e. You are the best.

2. Maya: _________________________

Maya: I am going to the cinema tonight.

Complete the dialog above with the correct expression!

a. Where are you going tonight?

b. Are you busy tonight?

c. Can i join you to the cinema?

d. Do you have any plan?

e. Are you join us?

3. Preposition of time used in expression of intention, except :

a. Tomorrow

b. Next week

c. Tonight

d. Yesterday

e. Next Friday

4. Betty: Ben, have you find the books?

Beni: Sorry, I have searched for it, but I couldn't find it.

Betty: ________________________

Beni: Thank you

Complete the dialog with the correct expression

a. Keep searching the book!

b. Don't give up!

c. I will help you to search for it

d. Will you help me?

e. Do it your best!

5. Which one of the following sentences is not an expression of intention?

a. I am going to Jakarta next week

b. I will help you finish this project

c. I am cooking soup right now

d. I am going to join dance class next semester

e. My mother is going to pick me up tonight

6. A: ………………

B: I will be staying at home

What is the proper question for this answer?

a. How are you doing?

b. What are you doing tonight?

c. How are you today?

d. Do you like the party?

e. What’s going on?

7. Below are the expression of intention, except…

a. I’m planning to get married soon

b. I would like to take a shower

c. Would you like a cup of coffee?

d. I’ll go for a vacation

e. I’m going to renovate the house

8. Oh look! It …….. snow soon.

The correct answer is

a. is going to

b. will

c. will not

d. is not going to

e. just

9. In 300 years people …….. (travel) with flying cars instead of airplanes.

a. will

b. is going to

c. are going to

d. am going to

e. will not be

10. A: What would you like to eat?

B: …………. a piece of cheesecake, please.

a. I like

b. I don’t want

c. I’m planning

d. I wouldn’t like

e. I’d like

11. Farah : What do you intend to do after graduating from Senior High School ?

Dany : I am going to get a job.

Farah : Really ? Why dont you continue your study to university ?

Dany : I wish I could, but my parents cannot afford to pay the tuition fee.

From the dialogue we know that Farah is ______________

a. expression her intention

b. stating her plan

c. asking Danys plan

d. telling her intention

e. mentioning her plan


Mother : Where shall we go for weekends ?

Father : What about going to the beach ?

Mother :

That would be lovely.

The underlined expression shows ________

a. an apology

b. an agreement

c. a praise

d. a pleasure

e. a satisfaction


Made : What do you think of Bali, George ?

George : Its beautiful place. __________________

a. Im not happy living here

b. I like it very much

c. I wish I would never come back here

d. I dont feel comfortable

e. I feel very annoyed living here


Ananda : _______ to knit a bag.

Rahman : What for?

Ananda : I want to give it to Nina, my friend. She really wants to have knitting bag.

Rahman : That's a wonderful idea!

a. I am planning

b. I dont want to

c. Im not going to

d. I have no plan

e. I dont feel comfortable

B. Read aloud the following conversation. Take turns with your classmates doing the roles. Then, answer the questions following that.

A long weekend is coming. Riri, Santi, and Bayu are talking about their holiday plans. Pay attention to the pronunciation and intonation of the dialog below.

Riri : It will be a long weekend soon. Do you have any plans?

Santi : Uhm, I’m not sure. I don’t have any idea yet. I think I might stay at home.

Bayu : Stay at home? Well, you could do something more interesting!

Santi : So, what about you Bayu? Do you have any plans?

Bayu : Definitely! My dad and I are going to go fishing.

Santi : Fishing? Are you going to go fishing in the river near your house?

Bayu : No. We plan to go fishing in a lake near my uncle’s house. Would you like to come with us?

Santi : Fishing? That sounds great. But I would rather stay at home than go fishing.

Bayu : What about you, Riri? What would you like to do on the long weekend?

Riri : I have made a plan with my mother about what to do on this long weekend. We are going to practice baking cookies.

Santi : That sounds like a very good plan!

Bayu : Are you going to bake choco chips cookies like the last time?

Riri : Well, yes. That is my favorite. But we will also try to make ginger cookies.

Santi : Lucky you. Your mom is a real baker, isn’t she?

Bayu : Ha ha, ha. Do you still want to stay home alone?

Riri : Or, would you like to join me to learn baking cookies? You can come to my house.

Bayu : It’s a good idea! Or will you go fishing with me and my dad?

Santi : I think I would like to bake cookies with Riri. Thanks for inviting me, Riri.

Riri : No problem. I will tell you the time on Friday.

Santi : Thanks a lot. I can’t wait to join you.

Bayu : Have a nice long weekend, everyone.

Riri, Santi : You too.

( Buku Bahasa Inggris K.13 kelas X hal 34, 2014)

B. Answer the comprehension questions below based on the dialog.

1. What are Bayu, Riri, and Santi discussing?

2. Who already have the plan for the weekend?

3. What are their plans?

4. Who doesn’t have the plan? What does s/he finally decide to do on weekend?

5. What do the sentences typed in bold express?

6. When do people use those expressions?