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Expressing Suggestion

Expressing Suggestions


Some expressions of making suggestions.

Can I make a suggestion?

Why don’t you…?

Have you tried …?

Maybe we could …?

How about …?


Here is the sample of the conversation from the video.

Denise       : I don’t know what to do!

Manager    : So what’s the matter Denise?

Denise       : You know the PowerPoint presentation?

Manager    : The one we have been preparing for the last two months?

Denise       : Yes

Manager    : The one that’s very, very important and that we need this afternoon?

Denise       : That one.

Manager    : Aha

Denise       : We have lost everything.

Manager    : No

Denise       : I had it on the USB stick to transfer it but the stick has vanished.

Manager    : But don’t you save it on your computer?

Denise       : No it was taking up a lot of space, so I deleted it.

Manager    : So you’ve lost the only copy we have.

Denise       : Yes.

Anna         : Can I make a suggestion?

Manager    : Yes, please do.

Anna         : Why don’t you try looking in your recycle bin? It might still be there.

Denise       : I did it isn’t.

Anna         : Have you tried asking your colleagues if they have seen the memory stick?

Denise       : I did, they haven’t.

Anna         : How about looking through your rubbish bin to see if you throw it away by mistake?

Denise       : I don’t do silli things like that!

Manager    : All very sensible suggestions Anna, thank you.

Anna         : Maybe I could do a big office search for you. I am good at finding things.

Denise       : There are confidential document in this office – non staff are not allowed to see them.

Manager    : Now now Denise. Why don’t you drink up that nice tea?

Anna         : I have an idea. Did you ever email that presentation to anyone?

Manager    : Golly gosh, you did Denise. You email it to me to proof read.It’ll be in my inbox somewhere. Good thinking Anna.


Making Suggestions Expessions


Struktur Kalimat for Making Suggestions

Ways to make recommendations




Linda:       Hi Mike, would you like to do something with me this weekend?

Mike:        Sure. What shall we do?

Linda:       I don't know. Do you have any ideas?

Mike:        Why don't we see a film?

Linda:       That's sounds good to me. Which film shall we see?

Mike:        Let's see "John Wick 2".

Linda:       I'd rather not. I don't like action films. How about going to "Mad Doctor Brown"? I hear it's quite a funny film.

Mike:        OK. Let's go see that. When is it on?

Linda:       It's on at 8 o'clock at the XXI. Shall we have a bite to eat before the film?

Mike:        Sure, that sounds great. What about going to that new local restaurant ‘New Bamboodent’?

Linda:       Great idea! Let's meet there at six.

Mike:        OK. I'll see you at ‘New Bamboodent’ at six. Bye.

Linda:       Bye



Identify four expressions of making suggestions from the dialog above.

Expressions of making suggestions:

  1. _______________________________________________________________ .
  2. _______________________________________________________________ .
  3. _______________________________________________________________ .
  4. _______________________________________________________________ .




Complete the following dialogue with the appropriate expressions of making suggestion.

Sarah and Grace are in a fashion store. Sarah wants to buy something for his little brother.

Sarah     : Grace, do you have any idea about what should I buy for my little brother?

Grace     :  …

Sarah     : That’s a good idea. Let’s search for it! What do you suggest?

Grace     : …

Sarah     : My brother is going to love it. Thanks for your suggestions.

Grace     : Never mind.



Compose a dialog to give suggestion based on the following situation.

A friend form America has never been to Indonesia. He is planning to visit Bali. He is calling you from America and asking for some suggestions. These are his possible inquiries and your possible suggestions: clothes and personal belongings, weather, customs, hotels, and food and drinks. (penilaian HOTS)



Write a letter of recomendation based on the situation given.

You were the chairman of the student board. Your friend is applying for a scholarship in a top university. He needs a letter of recommendation to win the scholarsip. Write a letter of recommendation to him. (Penilaian HOTS)

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